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ruby rubacouri

Biografie/About me

Ruby Rubacuori was born Karima el-Mahroug on the 11th November 1992 in Morocco.
Her parents moved to Italy where she was raised in a small village called Letonjanni, in the province of Messina.At the age of just 14 Ruby, now known as Ruby Rubacuori ("Thief of Hearts"), left her parents house.

Ruby was now on her own and made a living working as a chambermaid, belly dancer and beautician.
At a young age Ruby had already experienced and endured violence against her body and her soul.

2010 was the turning point in her life. She got to know the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

She danced, celebrated and sang with many people.

This fact was reason enough for many to claim that she was having an affair with the Prime Minister.
From this time on Ruby was the focus of the international press and has now become one of the most interesting personalities in Europe. The media hype around her continues to roll.

In 2011 the Italian beauty was invited by the famous Viennese building tycoon Richard Lugner as his special guest to the Vienna Opera Ball, Austria's state ball. Following in the footsteps of many well-known personalities such as Paris Hilton, Sophia Loren, Joan Collins and many others.

Hundreds of journalists from around the world reported on Ruby's appearance at the Vienna Opera Ball.  The event became a media spectacle.

Currently Ruby is working with her Austrian manager Helmut Werner on an autobiography, a reappraisal of the events in her life and a musical production which will appear later this year.

Ruby and her fiancé Luca Risso are looking forward to the birth of their first child.  A son is expected at the end of December 2011. Then Ruby will have what she never had, but what she had always wished for - her own happy little family...